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Compliance Assistance_Support for Services to the Regulated Community and Other Assistance Providers

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Purpose of this program:

To provide financial assistance to private nonprofit institutions, universities, and public agencies to develop projects to improve environmental compliance within an identified commercial/industrial sector. The funds are to be used to create compliance assistance tools utilizing industry and commercial communication channels to deliver the assistance tools. Funding Priority: In Fiscal Year 03/04, EPA will continue to support the ten Compliance Assistance Centers (Centers), a key component of EPA's efforts to help small and medium-sized businesses better understand and comply with Federal environmental requirements. For FY 2003, approximately $1.3 million will be used to support the Centers Programs. With this investment, the EPA plans to 1) provide compliance assistance to 475,000 entities, 2) continue to develop and improve the Compliance Assistance Center Platform (Platform) to launch new sector-specific, topical, or geographic Internet-based Centers. The Platform will support the 1) improvement or expansion of Platform tools and services; 2) development of new Centers; and 3) development and coordination of state regulatory compliance assistance material. In FY 2004, the EPA will request an increase of one million dollars to expand the Centers program. The FY 04 investment will support creation of three new Compliance Assistance Centers, improve and expand state-specific Centers information, and integrate the Centers with the "Business Compliance Assistance One-Stop" (One-Stop") (One-Stop) initiative. OECA will continue to support the existing Compliance Assistance Centers (Centers) and the Compliance Assistance Platform. In FY 2005, EPA will develop three new centers. Possible centers include plastics, fuels management, or marina/boat repair.